We design and develop mobile games.

About Us

We were established at the beginning of 2021 as a happy, enthusiastic and excited game development team.

Experienced Team

We focus on casual games and we have a lot of experience on this way.

Data Focused

We always focus on data and processing it in our games.


Check out the great games we make!

Fruit Samurai

Choose the right path for the samurai to cut all the fruits!


You have been kidnapped. Decide your fate and escape from gangsters.

Lady Tower

Your boy is waiting for you! Rise high and get it! A game for baddy ladies!

Pokey Woman

Stretch your woman and let her reach out to her boyfriend. Be careful about irons because women don't like irons!

Cannon Castle

Fire your cannon and destruct the castles. Pass through multipliers and double your cannons to destruct castles faster.

Clean The Earth

It's up to you. You need to clean your home to live in better place.

Draw & Slash

Draw the right path for the samurai to cut all the enemies!

Richer Runner

Turn from a penniless tramp into a powerful rich woman with a great fortune.

Soaker Mouths

Soak all liquid to beat your opponent. Be careful about obstacles.

Soccer Stack

Collect soccer balls and trick your opponents to shoot ang goal.

Super Woman

In this little town full of bad people. Be the coolest super woman around.


Are you a true harvester? Collect cottons on the ground and trade them with clothes.

Yoga Roll

Roll your yoga mat and reach to the end without losing your yoga mat.

Treasure Hunter

Use gold detector to find all treasures in the map.

Gunner Runner

Make your gun flip using it's recoil and fly as far as you can!

Giant Push!

Push middlewood to squeeze your enemies!

Idle Sweet Home

Build your exciting home while staying at home!

Chainsaw 3D

Make your neighbors angry by cutting their fences!


Shred everything in your way!

Hyper Hacker

Take down systems and hack valuable information!

Merge 3D

Find two parts of items and merge them!

Laundry Shred

To break the washing machine, put dozens of things in it and run it.

Canoe Sprint

Collect teammates and sprint canoe faster to be winner!

Air Strike

Shoot your enemies to complete air missions!


Fusion of 1010 and BBTan games.

Mr. Archer

Save your lady from bad guys by your perfect bow!

Gold Miner 3D

Mine gold with various ways to pass levels!


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